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Stephany Sesamo Suede Ankle Boot with Rhinestones

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Stephany: The Elegant Ankle Boot with a Bold Soul and High Heel

Elegant and glamorous: Stephany is an ankle boot that embodies bold elegance thanks to its high heel, which slims the figure and gives a touch of irresistible glamour.

Rhinestones and Sparkling Details: High-quality rhinestones and details adorn Stephany, catching attention with their sparkle. These elements give the log a touch of sparkling originality.

Decisive and Refined Character: Stephany stands out for its decisive and refined character, ideal for those who want to express a strong personality without sacrificing elegance.

Pairing Suggestions: This ankle boot is perfect for elegant dresses, cigarette trousers or long skirts. Wear it when you want to express a confident and sophisticated personality.

Occasions of Use: Stephany is ideal for special occasions, nights out on the town or exclusive events where you want to make a bold and sophisticated style statement.

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