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How does it work?

1. Choose the value of the Mimmù Gift Card. There is nothing better than making the people you love happy.
2. Our Gift Card arrives online by email and can be used immediately.
3 . Send it by email or print it and deliver it by hand.
4. With the Gift Card, the person you gave it to goes to the Mimmù website and makes the purchase they prefer.

Further information

You can email it to the gift recipient at any time, keeping in mind that it is valid for 1 year from when you purchased it.

Remember that Mimmù Gift Cards cannot be refunded, returned or replaced for the cash value. They can't even be purchased with a discount code.

By purchasing a product with a Mimmù Gift Card, you can return and replace it in compliance with Mimmù's return criteria. But it cannot be refunded.